C10's In The Park 2022

C10's In The Park 2022

This was the biggest and best C10's in the park in a long time. It's only getting better.

There were so many trucks there that fit all of the ranges but they were real. Built and driven by real enthusiasts with so much hard work put into each one.

"The Largest C10 gathering in the South" 

1200 GM Classic trucks are in beautiful Waxahachie, TX at Getzendaner Park.

This humble event started when a group of friends got together just to hang out and has grown into one of the premier events in the country. 1200 GM Classic Trucks are in town."

After the day is done, everybody heads to the downtown Waxahachie area for a cruise and just good ole hanging out. 

This is a show you must see.

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