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November 06, 2022 1 min read

Only Dodge Dealerships Will Be Allowed To Modify Dodge Evs

The Charger will be coming with nine levels of power;

1. Base model - 455hp (if you add the eStage 1 upgrade, 495 hp is made available, while the eStage 2 upgrade boosts output to 535 hp0

2. Mid tier model has 590hp and the eStage1 and eStage2 upgrades bring the total to 630hp and 670hp. 

There is still the 800V model but no details have been released yet.  No matter what package you get, Dodge won't allow anybody but their dealerships to unlock the added performance. 

They said it wasn't because they didn't want anybody to modify their cars but to do it through them to make sure it's done "right".