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September 02, 2022 1 min read

2024 Mustang GT Performance Badge
Ford showed a quick but noticeable tease with a 10 second video that advertised The Stampede. The video mostly showed how the Mustang has evolved but also the possibility of a new trim that is coming.

The opening scene of the film shows a luggage in the trunk of a new Ford Mustang. The GT insignia is visible in the center of the panel as the trunk lid closes. However, unlike throughout the entire sixth-generation run, the panel isn't completely black. It's a significant thing that the new model will return to body color between the taillights. Since the very first generation of the Mustang, the blackout treatment has been a signature style.

Through the years, it has occasionally been accessible from the factory, but it appears that it won't be for the seventh generation. At least on some trims, that is.

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